National Sandwich week is a special week-long event celebrating the country’s favourite lunch-time staple: the sandwich. Named after the 4th Earl of Sandwich, it is considered by some to be Britain’s most significant contribution to global gastronomy.

On the more decadent end of the scale is the steak sandwich. Personal preference dictates how you make yours to an extent, but we’ve put together our tips on what we consider to be the ultimate incarnation of this tasty treat.


Ciabatta, warm baguette, or sliced bloomer? Tradition, and gastro-pub menus across the country, would call for a baguette, the crustier the better. If you’re looking to try something new, why not take inspiration from across the pond and their version of the steak sandwich, the Philly Cheesesteak, and use a soft sub roll.


Steak is such a versatile meat, the flavour of which lends itself well to a diverse range of accompaniments. Spread your bread with a simple mayonnaise, perhaps a garlic aioli, classic ketchup, or give it more of a kick with horseradish or mustard. Any one of these will partner perfectly with your meat and add to the overall tastiness and texture of your sandwich. If you’re looking to create the sauce yourself, why not borrow the lemon aioli from this recipe for seared beef rolls.


For the ultimate steak sandwich, the meat should be as tender as possible. The perfect cut for this purpose is a rump steak, due to its great flavour as well as is tenderness. However, a sirloin or fillet would also make a superb filling. To add a beautiful smokiness and depth of flavour to the meat, and provided it’s not raining, why not pop your meat on the barbecue? These recipe for barbecued steaks will give you a good idea of method and timings.


Again, due to the versatility of beef, the possibilities here are endless. If you’re keeping it classic, just add a good handful of peppery rocket. Otherwise, how about some caramelised onion, guacamole, or even blue cheese. Check out our guide to burger toppings, all of which would work equally well with a steak sandwich.


You can find our Ultimate Steak Sandwich recipe here.

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