Step 1

Firstly, to make the cauliflower rice remove the outer leaves from the cauliflower, cut it into quarters and remove most of the thick core, then cut each quarter into two or three chunks. Blend for 30 seconds or so, until the cauliflower resembles fine rice, or couscous.

Step 2

You can cook the cauliflower rice in 1 of 2 ways, stir fry for 5-6 minutes in olive oil or alternatively, microwave in a covered heatproof bowl, for three minutes on high.

Step 3

To make the dressing add all the ingredients to a bowl and whisk together.

Step 4

When the cauliflower is just about cool, stir through all the remaining ingredients and season to taste.

Step 5

Pour the dressing over the salad and toss together until evenly coated.

Step 6

Top with additional pomegranates, cranberries and walnuts as desired.

Step 7

Serve and enjoy!