Over the past few years, seasonal eating has become quite a trend. Sourcing local, seasonal foods is on the agenda of the world’s best chefs, and now is the ideal time to make the most of colourful autumnal vegetables that compliment grass-based Irish beef. In the recipes that follow, you’ll find plenty of inspiration as the season changes.

Pumpkin pizza with a twist

What’s the twist you ask? Well, for some the twist might be the inclusion of blue cheese and for others, it might be the seared roast beef. One thing’s for sure – its sweet red onions and light crispy base are sure to have your friends wondering which fancy Italian restaurant you called to prepare it, in advance of their arrival.


Seasonal veg salad, spices…and of course steak

This delightful salad highlights the best flavours of a t-bone steak by serving it alongside caramelised autumn vegetables. When selecting a steak, make sure it features strong marbling and a decent thickness.

Unearth the perfect partnership; beetroot and beef

Heirloom beetroot’s earthy flavour is unlocked in this rich recipe that features a smoky tahini dressing, pearl barley and beef grilled to perfection. Filling and nutritious, this dish is sure to be a hit whether you’re cooking a cosy meal for yourself, or for friends and family.

Butternut squash Thai red curry

Stands at your local famer’s market (or supermarket!) are sure to be brimming with butternut squash at this time, so make the most of it with this sensational recipe. Chunky pieces of squash and aromatic Thai spices combine beautifully with beef to make an all-round healthy and nutritious meal.