Of course there is only one answer: it’s got to be Irish beef! When it comes to making the most of your BBQ this summer, here are our top tips to help you cook up a storm.

Don’t forget to pre-heat the grill

While this seems like an obvious tip, you’d be surprised how many people forget to do this. Plus, make sure you bring your meat to room temperature  before putting it on the grill.

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Want to achieve that smoky flavour?

It’s important to note that the charcoal you use changes the flavour of the meat. Lumpwood charcoal is favoured by some, as it produces more natural flavours. As for woodchips, you can try hickory or oak. Then there’s cherry or apple wood, that can add a certain sweetness to the meat.

Make extra marinade for brushing

Before marinating your meat, don’t forget to make an extra portion, so you can brush your meat with it occasionally while it’s on the grill. That way you can maintain the meat’s moisture, while achieving that classic a tender smokiness and caramalise its outer texture as it cooks.

Tongs times two

We’d recommend having not just one, but two pairs of tongs. One pair to handle uncooked meat, and the other to handle cooked meat. This helps to reduce the chance of food poisoning, and this simple tip will help keep your meat on top form. Plus, it may even make losing a bit of meat down the gaps less likely!

Lid open or closed?

If you want to sear the meat, it’s a good idea to leave the lid open. However, as an extra technique, you can experiment with closing the lid – which can help lock in flavours, as temperatures will be more consistent.