We are very proud to be teaming up with esteemed chef, Tom Cenci during his residency at Stoney Street By Night. 

Passionate about using only the best produce and ingredients, Tom’s menu at Stoney Street is built on the principles of sustainability and reducing food waste by utilising every element from each ingredient, including grass-fed Irish beef. 

About Irish beef

Tom has been using grass-fed Irish beef for over 10 years and loves everything about the product. Ireland has plenty of attributes which contribute to creating great tasting beef. It all starts with the grass, cattle graze outdoors on open pastures for up to 300 days a year. The wet lush green grass is packed full of clover, yarrow and herbs which is what gives the distinctive sweet grass-fed taste to the beef.  Plus, the farmers truly have the health and welfare of their cattle and landscape at their heart, which is also very important for Tom.


Sustainability is a key focus for Chef Tom Cenci and the reason why he is championing grass-fed Irish beef for his sustainably focussed residency. Ireland has a national sustainability program for food and drink, the only program of its type in the world. This programs begins on farm, where 800 farms each week are audited on their farming practices, grass & water management and of course the welfare of the animals, all to help ensure Irish farmers are farming as sustainably as possible.

Competition time!

Win a hamper of premium Grass-fed Irish beef cuts this winter, which will include more information on Irish beef and recipe inspiration so you can discover what makes Irish beef so special at home.

Simply fill out your name, email and answer a question to be in with a chance of winning. Good luck!

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Looking for some recipe inspiration?

For the ultimate treat, why not try Tom's côte de boeuf with almond Caesar salad and beef dripping toast, for a truly satisfying home cooked meal.