It may be one of the most inelegant, unsophisticated ways of eating, but there is something wonderfully joyous and childlike about eating beautifully barbecued, piping hot Irish beef straight from the skewer.

While skewering meats and veg can be traced back to the age when neanderthals roamed the wilds, modern man still finds a use for them in a variety of cooking situations, not least of which is the barbecue.

Below you’ll find that we’ve compiled some tips and tricks to help you avoid skewer pitfalls and faux pas, for a delightfully drama-free barbecue skewer session…

  • While wood may be more natural, we recommend choosing metal skewers instead as they’ll not only last longer, but they’ll hold the food together better – especially the square or twisted ones
  • If you do decide to proceed with the wooden variety, you’ll need to soak them for around 30 minutes to avoid them charring or catching fire
  • If your meat continues to slide off the skewers, double them up and run them parallel to each other – this will stop your food falling into the mercy of the coals
  • Are you surf ‘n’ turf-ing? Remember not to combine foods with different cooking times on the same skewer. Cook your grass fed beef first, then on a separate skewer cook the prawns