Step 1

First, take your beef fillet steak and slice it into 4 pieces to make it more manageable then place in a bowl, along with the rest of the marinade ingredients

Step 2

Mix together gently, cover with cling film and leave for just an hour, at room temperature

Step 3

Next, take a pan, place on the hob over a medium heat and add a splash of oil. Throw in the diced onion and quickly sauté off until soft and translucent. Leave to cool

Step 4

When ready to cook, place a dry pan on the hob over a high heat and when the pan begins to smoke, add the fillets. For this recipe, I’ve cooked the steak quite rare, so if you want to go down that route simply sear the steaks all over, for roughly a minute until browned all over (including the cut-sides). If you want to cook to medium-rare, add another minute and so on

Step 5

Once the steaks are completely seared, place on a tray and cover with foil, wrapping the foil around them. Leave for 8–10 minutes

Step 6

Meanwhile, prepare the salad ingredients by mixing together the tomatoes, cucumber, radishes and the cooked onion to combine

Step 7

Now make your dressing by whisking all of the ingredients together in a small jar

Step  8

Now assemble the dish. Take a platter, spread the salad along the base and drizzle half of the dressing across the top

Step 9

Next, unwrap the seared steak and quickly slice into cubes. Place the cubes on top and finish off by drizzling over the rest of the dressing

Step  10

Finish by sprinkling the toasted sesame seeds across, along with the thinly sliced red chilli. Divide between bowls and serve

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