It’s that time of year again, when a glimpse of the sun through the clouds causes the optimists among us to dust off the grill and attempt to perfect our barbecue skills. If you’re a little rusty, look no further than these barbecuing top tips.


A number of factors will affect how long you barbecue your beef for, the primary one being personal preference. The second most important factor, however, is the type of cut you’re grilling and how thick it is. Use our cheat sheet to determine exactly how much time your meat needs.

Cut Thickness Doneness Time
Rump or sirloin 2.5 – 4  cm Rare  3-4 minutes each side
Medium 5-6 minutes each side
Well done 7 minutes each side
Fillet steak medallions 4 – 5 cm Rare 5 minutes each side
Medium 7-8 minutes each side
Well done 8-9 minutes each side
Beef burgers 2.5 – 4  cm Rare 3-4 minutes each side
Medium 5 minutes each side
Well done 6-7 minutes on each side
Beef kebabs 2.5 – 4 cm Rare 5 -10 minutes, turning regularly
Well done
Large joints The easiest way of telling if it’s done to your liking is to push a meat thermometer into the thickest part. Cook until the internal temperature is 65˚C (150˚F). Approx. 18-20 minutes per 450 g



Although the last-minute dash to buy charcoal will be familiar to most of us when talking about fuel for the barbie, a little forward planning can make a world of difference. Adding wood chippings will enhance the flavour of your meat and you can tailor the chippings you choose to what you’re cooking for the best results.


Sunny days may be few and far between here in England, but nevertheless, investing in some solid barbecue equipment will be worth it in the long run. If your budget is limited and a new barbecue is not on the menu, even a solid pair of barbecue tongs can make the world of difference.


While it may tempting to whack a few sausages on the grill and call it a day, barbecue cuisine has so much more potential. We have a wealth of recipes that are perfect for a hot summers day and a hungry crowd. These succulent sirloin kebabs are accompanied by a fresh tomato and tarragon dressing, while these barbecued steaks may be one for the adults, benefitting from a gutsy Shiraz sauce. If you’re looking to impress, these sticky short ribs will do the job. Marinade for three days prior to ensure the sweet and tangy sauce reaches its full flavour potential. And if all else fails, you can’t go wrong with a homemade burger.