We all know beef is a delicious centre piece for a roast dinner, a key ingredient for a spag bol and a surprisingly tasty addition to salads, stir fries and sizzling tacos. But did you know that grass-based beef, like Irish beef, is packed full of health benefits? Read on to find out more…

It's time to think differently about beef

The nutritional value of meat is hugely dependent on what the animal was fed. Generally, going for beef from cows that have a grass-based diet, just like Irish Beef, will help to ensure it is higher in healthy nutrients, such as antioxidants, Vitamin E and fatty acids. Find out more about the background and provenance of Irish beef here.


Grass-based beef contains 8 essential vitamins and minerals, these include Vitamin B12, Iron, Niacin, Vitamin B6 and Phosphorus. Together this combination of can help to reduce tiredness and fatigue, support normal function of the immune system as well as general good health and well-being.


Protein is an essential part of a balanced diet, and the best dietary sources of protein are animal-derived foods. Grass-based beef is naturally rich in protein and contains essential amino acids. Protein is essential to help the growth of muscles and supports the maintenance of both muscles and bones. Protein is extremely important for supporting normal growth and development of children. High levels of protein can also support maintenance of your skin, hair and nails.


Grass-based beef contains iron, which has a number of benefits including helping the immune system to work normally, support normal mental function as well as helping to reduce tiredness and fatigue. Iron can also contribute towards improving the absorption of iron from other foods.


Foods that are high in protein, iron and other essential nutrients (such as Niacin, Phosphorous and Riboflavin) can hep to contribute to production of energy. This means you have a bit more energy each and every day. Plus, iron rich foods can contribute towards the cognitive development of children,

Helps with normal mental functions

Grass-based beefs contain five essential vitamins and minerals (for example, niacin, Vitamin B5 and B12, Iron and Zinc) that can contribute to normal cognitive and psychological functions.