Now is the perfect time to reinvent your daily diet and incorporate fresh vibrant greens, protein-rich beef and nutrient-rich superfoods.

Forget about ordering a takeaway. In the following recipes, you’ll find plenty of inspiration to make cooking at home fast, fun and economical.

Recharge your batteries with vibrant greens: Sirloin steak with asparagus and watercress salad

If you’ve had a hectic festive season, you’ll want to rebuild whatever the partying took out! In this fresh and vibrant salad, you can top up on essential vitamins thanks to the inclusion of asparagus and watercress, and you can build up your protein reserves with succulent Irish beef. Get the recipe now>

Try a new twist on a traditional stew: Beef stew with radish, zucchini and chard

After a long day out in winter, nothing quite beats coming home to a warm, nourishing and hearty stew. Packed with protein, thanks to the beef, you can also look forward to all the nutrition provided by the inclusion of fresh, seasonal vegetables. Get the recipe now>

Save money, with age-old superfoods: Grilled beef on a bed of barley with heirloom beetroot

After all the indulgence of the festive season, many of us are more inclined to eat at home over eating out. And this dish is perfect for cosy nights in. Featuring an overlooked ancient grain that is actually considered by many to be a superfood, you’ll be amazed at how well barley, beetroot and beef go together. Get the recipe now>

Pick up some impressive new culinary skills: Beef tartare and potted beef with dripping

Perhaps after all the partying, you’ve got some time to relax. Maybe you’ve even got time to learn new culinary skills. If that’s the case, you must add this beef tartare to your repertoire. It requires skill, patience and some ingenuity – but the results will be more than worth the effort.

Watch our how-to video on preparing steak tartare>

Get the recipe now>