Autumn is a season of abundance, a festival of bold colours and rich flavours. To celebrate the season of big flavour, we are highlighting the herbs, spices and other popular pairings that help maximise that beautiful beef flavour and create restaurant-worthy recipes for you to try at home.



Originating in Central Mexico, this smoky spice adds colour and flavour to any dish. Made from the air-dried fruits of the chilli pepper Capsicum Annum, it comes in a variety of forms including sweet, delicate, pungent and strong. Try this Moroccan beef tagine for an example of a perfect beef and paprika pairing.




Beef and rosemary is a classic combination that will, for many people, conjure the image of a roasting joint coming out of the oven on a Sunday afternoon. Both fragrant and distinctive, rosemary has been used in cooking for hundreds of years and is one of the easiest herbs to grow at home. This rosemary infused beef and onion soufflé really maximises on this complementary coupling.




Squash: part of the versatile Cucurbita family that includes pumpkin, marrow and courgettes. Full of nutrients and vivid in colour, squash is a great accompaniment to beef when you’re looking to add a little extra to your dish.



Not just for drinking, cooking with red wine can add a beautiful depth of flavour to your beef dishes. From rich stews and stunning sauces, to roasted meats and simmered casseroles, it’s an incredibly versatile ingredient. This Irish oxtail and red wine stew takes the inclusion of red wine up a notch, making it centre stage. Trust us, it does not disappoint.




You certainly can’t have a conversation about beef and flavour without the mention of mustard. Whether it’s Wholegrain, English or Dijon, the bite of spice cuts through the rich flavour of beef, provide a perfect accompanying element. For that reason we love the homemade mustard aioli that accompanies this warm roast beef salad.