Celebrate the classic Sunday dinner with a delicious roast of Irish beef and all the trimmings. We know cooking up this epic feast can be quite a challenge, so we have created a one-stop guide to cooking the perfect roast beef dinner for any Sunday. From choosing the best roasting cuts, to hints, tips and tricks to prepare, cook and serve the best Rump, Silverside and Topside Irish beef joints. Plus, we teach you how to create your own roast beef gravy from scratch, so you can now banish the granules for good! And, not forgetting the leftovers, we have created some tasty recipe inspiration and tips on how to use up your leftovers with our roast beef leftover pie.

By choosing grass-fed Irish beef for your Sunday dinner you can be assured that your beef is of premium quality, excellent taste and has been reared sustainability.

Guide to COOKING & SERVING your roast beef dinner

We’ve created four step-by-step videos showing you how to choose, prepare and serve the ultimate roast dinner. Plus, we’ve made a delicious beef gravy recipe that's so easy it will soon become your go-to gravy recipe.

Choose your cuts

Silverside, Topside or Rump? A quick showcase of the best cuts for your family feast.

Prepare your beef roasting joints

Make sure you give yourself enough time to prepare your beef to ensure the most succulent and juicy roast beef for any Sunday.

How to cook and serve the ultimate roast beef dinner

Cooking at the optimum temperature is just the beginning, this video shows you how to sharpen your resting, carving and serving skills.

Create a rich beef gravy

A roast of beef wouldn’t be complete without a delicious gravy. Use up the tasty caramelised leftover juices and add a splash of red wine. 

What to do with your leftovers

Looking for some roast beef dinner leftover inspiration? Our leftover beef pie will help you serve up another tasty dish using everything you have left from your Sunday dinner.