For some fiery inspiration this Summer, we’ve teamed up with John Chantarasak of AngloThai, and most recently from The Great British Menu, to help spice up your summer with an exciting range of brand new Thai inspired BBQ steak recipes.

Known for marrying traditional North Eastern Thai recipes and flavours with seasonal local ingredients, John has created a series of delicious recipes featuring grass-fed Irish steak cuts cooked over fire. So read on, watch the videos, and enjoy some steaks by fire.


Spice up your BBQ with Thai inspired steak recipes

Grilled ‘crying tiger’ Irish rib-eye with roasted chilli and tamarind dipping sauce

A true explosion of flavour, the marbling fat so typical of intensely flavoured grass-fed rib-eye steak is perfectly married with the sweet, tart and spicy tamarind sauce. 

Whiskey marinated Irish sirloin with ‘falling water’ herb salad and roasted rice powder

‘Nahm tok’ literally translates to ‘falling water’ or ‘waterfall’ and receives its namesake from juices and fat falling onto the hot coals as the sirloin steak grills. This creates smoke and imparts a wonderful flavour which marries wonderfully with a prized cut like grass-fed Irish sirloin.

Thai red curry of Irish rump with charcoal grilled celeriac and Thai basil

The flavours of the Irish rump steak stand up to the richness of this coconut cream red curry and pair wonderfully with the earthy celeriac that is grilled over coals and basted with salted coconut cream, giving a unique British flavour to a widely recognizable Thai curry.

‘Laab’ spiced irish fillet with pounded chilli and herb dressing

The ‘laab’ is a wonderful dish that involves finely chopped meat being mixed with spices and herbs. In this recipe John has taken those flavours and adapted them into a Thai style Irish fillet beef carpaccio and then combined it with a perfectly balanced punchy, fresh and herbal dressing.