We love the diversity of beef. The variety of cuts ensure it can be used across the cooking spectrum within several different recipes and cuisines. Similarly, the same cut can be used in a variety of different ways. Below, we focus in on some of our favourite beef cuts, all available in your local supermarket, and the different ways in which they can be used.


how to cook roast beef dinner

Topside is a traditional roasting joint with minimal marbling and is sourced from the hind. Slow-roasting is the preferred method of cooking; ensuring the meat is kept moist throughout will help keep the meat soft and encourage the release of a subtle, tender spectrum of flavours.

If you’re looking for a traditional recipe suited to the festive season, look no further than this spiced beef. Serve with tangy apricot and almond chutney for the perfect Boxing Day dish. This pot-roasted topside recipe makes the most of the cut’s subtle flavours and pairs with juniper and wild mushrooms. Moreover, leaving this braised topside to marinate overnight ensures tender meat, packed full of flavour.


Of all the cuts, flank is possibly the most versatile. Extra-lean, with minimal marbling, it is often used for ground mince and can be stuffed, rolled or cooked slowly as a pot roast. It can also take on an entire range of new flavours when marinated and grilled.

One recipe that makes the most of this ability to absorb new flavours is this recipe for seared beef with smoky aubergine and pomegranate salad. Rachel Allen for instance uses flank steak in this recipe for sizzling steak fajitas, and this premium beef and mushroom lasagne calls for minced flank steak.


Irish Silverside

Silverside is another lean cut from the hind. Not only is silverside economical, but when cooked with care, it can be the epitome of full bodied, rich flavour. Two of its most popular uses are for pot roasting and mincing to create fantastic burgers.

Chef Russel Bateman uses silverside with show stopping results in his recipe for bresaola, a type of cured salt beef, with blackcurrants, ricotta and rocket. This recipe roast beef silverside is equally as impressive, but totally different, demonstrating the diversity of the cut once again.