As the madness of summer winds down, getting back into your daily routine can take a bit of effort, or inspiration – which is why we’ve put together these tasty recipe ideas. Now’s an ideal time to reinvent your week – especially when it comes to meal times.

What’s more, if you believe beef takes ages to prepare and is more of a weekend indulgence, then these recipes will get you to think again. It’s time to re-discover beef and how this hearty, protein rich food can keep you and your family going, all week long.

A super seasonal salad

This tasty recipe can incorporate either beef prepared especially for this dish, or beef left over from a weekend roast. As an autumnal treat, it incorporates aubergine, pomegranate and feta for a fresh salad that’s both juicy and flavoursome. Get recipe here>

Bangers and mash, in a flash

sausages with garlic mash

As night falls sooner, our minds tend to wonder, what is the ultimate comfort food…? Well this is one of our favourites sausages and mash! This dish features beef sausages prepared with garlic mash and caramelised onion gravy.

And here’s a tip: make sure your sausages have a high meat content, ask at the meat counter or at your butchers if you are unsure.

Curry in a hurry: beef massaman and potatoes

Here’s another recipe that can also work with leftovers if you have extra beef from the weekend. Plus, you can serve this on a bed of rice with a side of fresh veg, to make sure you get your five-a-day.

Steak dinner, ready in a flash!

Perfect for those nights when you get home late, this tasty sizzling dish is ready in minutes. It’s also ideal for those days when visitors unexpectedly pop-in. Serve with boiled potatoes and fresh veg with for a complete meal that’s healthy and delicious.