While cooking up a storm for your guests this Christmas, don’t forget to prepare a series of canapés to serve as soon as they arrive. That way, your guests won’t be too hungry come meal time – and you can spend a bit more time ensuring everything is just right.

In the following recipes, you’ll notice we’ve used sirloin cuts throughout. However, these recipes are so versatile, you could experiment with whichever cuts of beef you have at home.

Introducing, the crowd pleaser: Beef and blue cheese crostini

Who can resist this all-time classic? Delight your guests with an elegant combination of blue cheese, onion jam and finely sliced beef. We’ve included instructions on how to prepare onion jam too – it’s thankfully very easy to make!

Next up, a firm favourite: Beef teriyaki skewers

Skewers are ideal for any party. And our delicious beef marinade will make just about any cut of beef more flavoursome, tasty and succulent.

Stay on trend: Harissa flatbread

What goes well with any family gathering? Tear-and-share bread of course – and in this recipe, you’ll find bread that combines beautifully with beef and goes great with hot camembert or avocado dip. Perfect for last minute gatherings, or as a quick Boxing Day treat.