We can proudly claim that our beef cuts are succulent, nutritious and packed with flavours just waiting to be discovered through innovative new cooking methods and traditional recipes alike. So, what’s our secret? Unlike many countries in Europe, in Ireland our cattle spend most of the year grazing on lush, grassy pastures. But there’s plenty to be said for knowing your way around a steer, as different beef cuts can have wildly differing tastes and textures. So, to make the most of your beef, it pays to consider where the cut has come from and what cooking methods will bring out the best qualities.


This is the most tender part of the round and is a versatile, tasty and lean cut that requires a slow cooking method to bring about its full range of flavours. Often used for pot roasting, this cut can also be sliced into steaks and sizzled on the grill.


A cut straight from the breast, low in marbling and ideal for pot roasting. Prolonged, slow roasting results in a rich, indulgent meat that just falls from the bone, releasing its flavours in full. A perfect cut for creating warming winter dishes.


Sourced from the leg, shin may be the least tender of beef cuts, but when left alone to cook slowly in a fragrant liquor, the most intense flavours and wonderfully sticky textures are created - making it perfect for a winter stew or hearty soup.


The eye of the round is a boneless, very lean piece of meat from the bottom part of the round. It tenderises when cooked under a moist, slow heat, thus making it ideal for pot roasting and braised dishes.


A mouth-wateringly tender piece of meat. A fillet is an elegant cut that becomes ever more complex, deep and flavoursome when left to age. It's a popular prime cut for searing on a hot grill but can be left whole to create a very special roast.


This is heavily marbled cut great for slow roasting and with the bone in, you can expect a sweeter more intense flavour. A year-round favourite; rib of beef can serve as the perfect centrepiece for cold winter evenings, or as a summer BBQ staple.


A versatile shoulder cut with heavy marbling and extra fat content; creating a multitude of rich tastes, flavours and sensations. It's the perfect cut for slow roasting, which will serve to deepen and intensify the flavours even further.


Beef shin comes from the foreshank of the cow and is a cheap and tough cut of meat. Remedy its natural texture by cooking low and slow, a method which will break down the fibres and create a texture perfect for stews, thickening the sauce as it cooks.


Silverside is another lean cut from the hind. Not only is silverside economical, but when cooked correctly and with care, it can be the epitome of full bodied, rich flavour. Ideal for pot roasting, but can also be minced to create fantastic burgers.