The grass really is greener over on the Emerald Isle. With lush grasslands making up a good 60% of Ireland, there is definitely no shortage of that special something that makes Irish Beef so great.

The grass-based beef is nurtured through traditional farming techniques & new technology across the thousands small farms, (52,000 to be a tad more exact) - allowing farmers a much better opportunity to give a little more love, care and attention to their cattle.

Passed down through the generations, traditional farming mixed with the latest technologies to help reduce their greenhouse gas production, giving you sustainable, flavourful and nutritious beef. You know, all the good stuff.


Farmers & their ‘shepherd dogs’ have been the agricultural A-team for millennia. The farmers use their four-legged partners to drive the cattle – making it much less stressful for the cows than using narrow gates or machines.


Our world-renowned cattle aren’t the only thing that’s been bred with brilliance. Many of our farmers have agriculture in their blood. With years of farming knowledge passed down from generation to generation, you’ll be assured of quality care, and quality beef.

Ireland is green from the land to the national symbols and this doesn’t exclude their commitment towards the environment. Irish Beef farmers work hard to not only raise their cattle, but to protect the ecosystem & natural resources to keep their Emerald Isle, well, green.

Our quality is measurable. By giving our farmers the latest technologies they can measure efficiency & profitability and look to reduce their production of greenhouse gases.

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