There’s nothing better than an utterly impractical but incredibly tasty Irish steak burger stacked high with a multitude of toppings.


Gone are the days when one would dare to ask for a ‘plain’ burger – now it is customary to add an array of toppings that can provide an incredible burst of radically different flavours; from tangy tomato relishes, to creamy guacamole, to towering stacks of onion rings.

Burger toppings have been documented in popular culture as far back as the late 1800s, but it wasn’t until post second world war that we dared to experiment; starting first with a fried egg topping and quickly evolving into a series of popular butter spreads, spicy chilli garnishes and ultimately the timeless cheese with tomato relishes.

What started out as a humble hamburger has since evolved into one of the western world’s favourite comfort foods, thanks in large part to its versatility.

In recent years the UK has witnessed an incredible surge in gourmet burger sales. This can largely be accredited to the capital’s growing love of pop-up fast food joints which offer different flavours and growing appreciation of high quality beef and attention to provenance.

With so many different styles of burgers proving increasingly popular, the adage of ‘no two burgers are created equal’ rings especially true. A burger can be as individual as the person eating it. But when it comes to creating your own unique masterpiece…where do you start? We’ve shortlisted a few of our favourites below to get you on the right track…

  • Cashel blue with roasted tomatoes
  • Garlic aioli and caramelized onions
  • Herbed goat’s cheese and truffle salt
  • Wasabi mayo and avocado
  • Pineapple-jalapeño salsa